What race board do you really need?

Edge Pro (Gold/Pink)


EDGE PRO: If you goal is to paddle fast and paddle in 80% or more pure flat water then the EDGE pro is the board for you, this is a board that is made for glide, it will slice through the water with ease and make doing long paddles feel like a dream. The EDGE pro range are a dugout style board giving great stability as you are standing at water level which in a lot of cases allows you to ride a full inch narrower.

The EDGE pro can be used in bumpy waters as well and can be very fast but this does require very good foot work and trimming of the board.

EDGE 2.0: The EDGE 2.0 is also a very good flat water board, the EDGE is a flat deck board which allows for you to move around the board with ease. The EDGE 2.0 also has that amazing glide which the EDGE series of boards is famous for but also brings in the ability to kick turn and surf the board if needed. The Edge 2.0 is still a displacement style board so it will steer from the nose once the winds and chop get up it can also be a fast board in the bumps but like the EDGE pro it does require quite good foot work to trim the board to get the most out of it in the rougher water. The EDGE series love the nice flat waters of lakes, rivers and glassy oceans and this is where you would be looking to get in to EDGE line of boards

EVO 2.0


EVO PRO 2.0: When it comes to waters that are a bit mixed up like paddling around a lot of rocks or headlands this is where boards like the EVO pro line of boards really feel amazing. The higher volume nose and pin tail really make light work of conditions that many boards really struggle in. The Evo pro 2.0 is also very good in the flat water, it might not have the full glide of the EDGE series but can still hold its own and can quite easily sit in the fastest boards wash with easy. If you had to choose just one board to compete in most ocean and flat water races then the EVO pro 2.0 would be right up there. It is designed to make things easy while still keeping all round speed.

EVO 2.0: Now the EVO 2.0 might not be as quick as the EVO pro 2.0 in the flat or up wind in the small bumps but thats not what this board is about. The EVO pro is a board that just makes paddling fun!! If you are wanting a board to cruise the flat water or to take out and catch a few fun waves then this is it, if you want a board that is crazy fun in downwind conditions then the EVO 2.0 is perfect for you. The EVO 2.0 runs a lot of the STORM features in the rocker and bottom concaves but with the little wider thumb tail the EVO 2.0 is a dream to step back on and turn. It wash rides like a dream and is a unreal BOP surf racing board and in the wider sizes the EVO 2.0 also doubles as one of the best touring boards as really it can handle pretty much any condition thrown at it.

Storm 2.0 Hollow


STORM 2.0: As the waters get rough the STORM 2.0 is the board that comes to mind, it is a full dugout style board that makes paddling in the messy water just so much more fun. The STORM 2.0 is a board that requires little foot work to make it work and this is part of the reason it is so good, you can stand and paddle and work on the small things that make you go faster. It steers very well from the middle so just leaning on the rails is enough to go from bump to bump and if you have to paddle upwind with any sort of chop then the STORM just eats this up and makes what is one of the hardest things is SUP to do into something that is quite enjoyable!! The STORM can be used in the flat as well and works quite well, it might not have the full glide speed of the EDGE or EVO PRO lines but can still hold its own plus it is super fun if you are caught in a pack of paddlers as it will just eat the small mixed up water up!

EVO 2.0: The EVO 2.0 can also be used for the heavy water paddling and if you are a person that wants to really get on the tail and surf a board in the waves or downwind then this is the EVO 2.0. In real heavy downwind the EVO 2.0 is one of the fastest boards ever built and so much fun as it gives that real surfing feel!!